My New Baby!


Well, it’s not exactly what it sounds like. I’ve had 3 kids and my family and uterus are very much content. This “infant” comes in the form of this right here, a blog!

I have to admit, I’ve fought this for a while. I’ve written blogs before with all intentions of being consistent, only for my enthusiasm to wear and the blog to sizzle out. I avoided what felt like a stirring from God until it suddenly became clear that this was different. I took my time, prayed, and now I’m here!

So what will I blog about? Well, the things that I am passionate about. “Dana Does 30 Something” will be an adventure of what life throws at a self-proclaimed “hot mess” trying to navigate motherhood, marriage, fashion on a budget, my body/self-esteem, and most importantly, my relationship with God. I’m a work in progress, but my dream is to motivate others along the way using my journey.

So consider this my official “Birth Announcement!” I hope you will follow me on my upcoming journey! Please follow my Facebook and Instagram pages as well (click my links on the page). Happy blogging! 🙂

2 Replies to “My New Baby!”

  1. Well, your birth announcement has stirred a Confirmation to me, that He is taking His children into a place that He has created, perfectly fit for them. Doing a thing designed just for you! It’s happening, just beginning, and I praise Him for what he’s planning for you, it’s going to be an exciting time!


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