Dana Does Thrifty Fashion: Mountains Edition

I am a huge fan of fashion. I’ve loved clothes and accessories from the womb. I think God gave me all boys because I have enough girly-ness to fit one entire 5-person household  alone.


Me at 3 years old blinging it up

But one thing I also love is a deal. I don’t care about brands names. I get a serious high from the clearance rack. Call it my drug, but homegirl saves some money and looks good in the process.

I recently went on a vacation to the mountains. Oh my goodness, I didn’t want to leave! I have been born and raised in Florida where it’s very flat. To see the sights of mountain tops and nature was breathtaking. While most of the time I was in active wear or swim wear, the deals followed me.

20170614_152530We ventured off to Downtown Murphy, NC, for the day. The weather was pretty warm, but it rained a bit. Luckily I had my long batwing cardigan I got from the Target clearance section for $6. 20170614_152220

The dress was a steal from Walmart- $5! Paired with my trusty Converse shoes, it was comfy and cute.


Goodwill is another place you can find little gems. I got this crossbody purse for $2!


To accessorize, I paired a long necklace I’ve had for years with a black choker I got from Forever 21 for $3. They have the cutest accessories at very reasonable prices so I go there often, even though I’m Currently 31. 😉


The next thing I want to talk about is swimwear. I know for many women it can be somewhat of a catastrophic nightmare to think about, but it’s summer and I live in Florida. Not to get TMI on you but I’m a busty girl. It’s been the bane of existence at times, ESPECIALLY when it comes to bathing suits. I have an average size back (36) so to find anything in my size in stores gets very tricky, I definitely need underwire support, and to find them at a thrifty price can be downright impossible.

But I have a secret weapon….. EBAY!


I found this retro-chic one piece with underwire support in my exact size for $13!

PicsArt_06-11-04.37.39One pieces can make me feel boxy at times, but this one hugged my curves perfectly.

I got this fiery red bikini top for $11 on Ebay! I paired it with black Walmart bottoms.


Target is another place that is starting to cater to the curvy girls. Now women like me can have the cute new styles!

I am OBSESSED with this crochet halter top I got on clearance for $14 at Target. And no, I didn’t get crazy tan lines!


So to finish up today, Murphy, NC is incredible, and I rocked the thrifty fashion on my trip. I plan to make this a huge part of my blog and share my secrets of thrifty chic-ness. You can flatter your shape AND your wallet!

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