Dana Does Thrifty Fashion: Sunday Best

You Sundays at the Vanicek residence mean church in the morning. Although church is wonderful for my soul, it’s always extra satisfying to get to dress up in my Sunday best! And you KNOW that means another edition of Thrifty Fashion. So here you go for today’s look:


This dress. I absolutely love the tie dye, extra crop top look of it! It’s the softest material, great for dressing up or down. And the price?

A whopping $4.99 at Ross!!!!!!!

Yes, under 5 bucks. I told my husband when I die to sprinkle some of my ashes at Ross and this is why. 😉


The accessories were a steel as well. I got this suede-feeling choker with extra “chain” to it at a place called Jewelry Addiction for only $1.99! These super chic stacked heels were from Shoe Carnival and they were only $15! They go with so much of my wardrobe.


This dress wasn’t constricting or uncomfortable at all. In fact, I completely did my mommy duties this morning in it. I mean, I’m a little bias, but aren’t they the most handsome little men EVER?! 😊

Well, happy Sunday to you all! A new blog will be out tomorrow. Be blessed! ❤

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