Dana Does Yoga Pants Chic

Ok, so we all know there’s nothing more basic, 30 something year old mom than yoga pants. Add a trip to Target and Starbucks in there and you have all the major symptoms covered. I adore the yoga pant. It’s this glorious, stretchy, forgiving to my bloat pant that you can wear to the gym, or you can actually NEVER wear them to the gym and that’s ok too. No judgement with yoga pants.

My absolute favorite place to get yoga pants is Target. If you get them full price with no sale, it’s still only $14.99. I have 2 full leggings and 2 capri pair. They last forever too.

This blog today isn’t just to glorify these miraculous pants. I wanted to show you that you can totally rock the yoga pants and not just for a workout! I’ve actually worn them on date nights and I didn’t look frumpy! Here are a few looks:

You can pair a flowy top to balance out the tightness of the pants and it looks great. I loved this cold shoulder look with wedges and a high ponytail.
These are more of polyester blend leggings, but they fit the yoga pants standard. I paid a whopping $2.80 for them at Forever 21 on clearance!!!! And I love the rocker style of the knee cutouts.
In the fall/ winter I love to pair them with boots, even tall ones like these, and a long cardigan.
I love long cardigans, but I also love a cropped denim jacket with these. Paired with bootie boots as I call them and it completes the look.

You can do the casual look as well and still look fashionable. Converse or Vans, especially white, are my go-to often when doing casual chic.

Ugh, I love a top knot and a graphic t-shirt! I paired them with these leopard print tennis shoes I got in the Target clearance section.
This pant is one of my favorites because it has the graphic writing on the leg and the color fold over at the top. Paired with a loose, high neck semi-crop top and high pony and it’s adorable.
Who said a t-shirt can’t be chic?! Especially when I’m bragging on my babies.  ❤ #boymom
Again, I love to pair a long cardigan with the pants in cooler weather, but you can do it with a simple graphic tee and tennis shoes as well! Love my trusty bat wing Target clearance $6 long cardigan and $4 Walmart t-shirt.

To sum it up, don’t be discouraged if you’ve fallen to the woos and persuasion of the yoga pant. Just accept it. That’s the first step. But in that acceptance, remember that you don’t have to lose your style! You can totally rock these cotton pieces of heaven with all the comfort of a stretchy waistband.

Yoga pants don’t judge. Yoga pants understand.

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