Dana Does Thrifty Fashion: Baseball Hats-My Newest $2.97 Obsession

I found a new love… baseball hats.

I’ve worn them before but lately I can’t get enough. You can put them on to go to the gym, run errands, to the beach, etc. They don’t have to just be for messy hair days, although they are wonderful for that. They can complete your outfit.


It gets better. I found the secret to finding hats of all different colors and patterns for a whopping $2.97 a piece!! Yes, for less than $3, I can get seasonal colors like mint green for spring, red for summer, and patterns on trend like camo. Where did I find such a steal?

Good old Walmart!! You have to admit, they’ve stepped up their game over the years in the fashion department, and they are consistent with their low prices! Go to the women’s handbags/accessories department and they are hanging there in all their adorable glory.

Happy thrifty shopping!! 🙂



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