Dana Does Romance Reality

After a long ride on a horse-drawn carriage, he slowly dips me as he kisses me under the light of the stars, and we scamper off quietly into the night.

Actually it was kind of like that, except we rode in my Honda CRV full of Goldfish crumbs and car seats as the kids argued in the back and looked in slight horror as we got a quick kiss in the front seat. Ha! Take that, romance novels!

Look, I love a good romantic comedy or Disney love story, but let’s be real. Romance looks a little different in my world. You add kids, work, and a house that still to this day doesn’t clean itself (I’m still hopeful it will one marvelous day) and that whole “running off into the sunset” thing gets a little more distant as we speak.

But what if I told you some of my most romantic moments have been in this walk of my life? What if the movies made us believe a lie that you must have a perfectly timed soundtrack and scenery to set the mood? What if dancing around together to 90’s music in the kitchen was soundtrack and scenic enough?!!

I have so much fun getting creative with my husband with ways that we can have quality time together, not just with the kids, but also without them. Whether it’s a puzzle at the kitchen table while the kids are in their rooms, or we get a babysitter and explore the town, we keep it fun. I’ve learned that keeps us engaged and stops the mundane of everyday living without focus.

Satan would love nothing more than to make marriage boring. Marriage is a covenant, an example of Christ and His bride, the church. If he can get the husband and wife, he can get the kids as well. Being in unity protects your entire family. To me, being unified without resentment cannot happen without a little romance.

And without getting too graphic or TMI, that also includes sex. Ya, I went there. It’s the physical act of two becoming one. It’s vital to keeping a marriage in harmony. It helps protect the other spouse from fiery darts of temptation to stray (I’m not saying cheating is ever the fault of the other spouse, but it helps from giving your spouse an extra push). And it’s fun, as long as the kids don’t wake up and start banging on the door. There’s no greater rush of anxiety or mood-demolishing horror than that knock. I’m shuttering thinking about it.

We have to be more intentional in our marriages. I don’t want to ever think single people or couples without kids are the only examples of what romance looks like. The world is very intentional in what it believes, so we Christians DEFINITELY need to step up our game. In all seriousness, the weapons we face are spiritual, and one of the biggest places the devil tries to attack is marriage. I think the greatest line of defense against him next to prayer and worship is unity.

So let’s challenge each other. Find one way to be romantic with your spouse today. It doesn’t have to cost money or be elaborate, but grab them and get their attention! Crush on your spouse like you did when you met them! You don’t have to go all 12-year-old girl on them, but remember what drew you to them and get excited about them! I personally think my husband looks better with age, which can sometimes simultaneously annoy me because men have it waaaaay easier, but I won’t go there today.

So here’s to the REAL romantic comedy in my world called “I Just Stepped on a Lego in My Son’s Room but my Husband is Still Hot,” coming to theaters never, but to life daily. 😉


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