Dana Does Weight Gain Woes: Part 2

The struggle is real.

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, I’ve recently seen in the last year and a half the scale go up about 20 pounds or so. I am dealing with issues in my 30’s with my body that I never had to deal with in my 20’s. Hormones, stress, busyness, food. It’s all factors. Today will be a little update on my journey and hopefully an accountability to anyone else feeling my pain.

So I haven’t really weighed myself lately. I have learned that right now I’m just not there yet to deal with that devil machine. But to me, I am not as concerned with that number right now. I want to lose body fat while still having muscle mass. I tend to weigh more anyways because my body naturally has more muscle. I’ve always been “thick” as they say.

I have prayed and researched the symptoms I’m feeling with my hormones. I knew something had to be up. I really try to go the natural route as much as possible before going to a doctor and using synthetic medication, mostly because of my family history with prescription drugs. It’s also a financial burden I don’t want. But I was getting desperate. I called and set an appointment with a hormone specialist. Something didn’t sit right with me, though.

The day before the appointment I was telling a friend about my decision, and she told me about her journey, which was very similar. She said she had spent a crazy amount of money trying to heal her own health problems, but the only thing that worked for her was a nutrition store up the road and the owner who was incredibly knowledgeable specifically in treating hormone issues with natural supplements. I had tried to call this woman in the past, but it was almost impossible to get ahold of her. I got in my car and said, “well let me give this one more shot.” It went to voicemail once again. Discouraged,  I went to leave a message, and suddenly a voice says, “Hello?” She answered!

I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with her. It was crazy. I didn’t even have to say much because it was like she knew everything before I said it. She explained to me about what excess stress and cortisol does to the body. She came to the conclusion that I was suffering from adrenal fatigue, which is what I was thinking myself, but she also told me about some supplements I had never heard of before. Apparently there’s multiple types of estrogen as well and they can wreak havoc when out of whack. It was all so interesting and encouraging to hear someone finally break it down for me and also to know I wasn’t crazy!

I went immediately to the nutrition store, and I felt a sense of the Holy Spirit. I was literally holding back tears as I felt God tell me, “this is your time.” This was also on the morning before my kids went back to school after homeschooling for 2 years and feeling horrible guilt about it. I felt God’s hand on me, and suddenly, it all made sense.

This is a new season for me to heal and to find ME. The stresses of trying to be everything to everyone were catching up to me. The heaviness I felt on the inside was manifesting on the outside. It is time for me to rest in God and rest, period. It’s scary not doing what is comfortable and being completely obedient to God when some decisions are not my own, but I believe being disobedient would carry way heavier consequences.

I started these vitamins on the same day my kids started school. Isn’t that funny how God works? It’s only been a week today, so it will take time to see results in things like adrenal fatigue, fibrocystic breast condition, possible ovarian cysts, hormone imbalances, etc. But I’m already starting to see a change in my energy level and mood. I also have hope and a word from God that this is my time. This lady has free hormone seminars and one-on-one consultations as well, so I will be going to one at the end of this month. I’m excited to be HEALTHY, and I believe it will open the doors for my body to function normally and for the weight to come off the right way.

So again, this isn’t some story with a side-by-side photo where I tell you I’ve lost a bunch of weight and unicorns and rainbows shoot out of the sky. This is real stuff. Life comes at you sometimes and sucker punches you. But what I’ve learned is that the times I grow the most are when I overcome those moments. You and I are overcomers by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimonies (Rev. 12:11), and our health is no different.

We’ve got this, one day at a time. 🙂

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