Dana Does Having a Miracle Child

My middle child, Blake, is turning 6 in 8 days. Every year around this time I can’t help but reflect on his time in my womb and the incredible things God did in that pregnancy

Blake is my miracle child.

At about 22 weeks pregnant, I had a gallbladder attack that put me in the hospital for 4 days. It was extremely painful, but they didn’t want to take my gallbladder out because it would mean putting me under anesthesia and an incision to the abdomen. I was very weak. The second to last day of my hospital stay, my husband came with my then 2-year-old son, Noah, and had a migraine. I was annoyed that I had to care for my son with an IV in my arm while he laid next to me, but I tried to be sympathetic. He is not one to complain when it’s not serious.

The next morning I was discharged from the hospital. My husband was curled in a ball in the house, now with a fever and nauseated. Although I was very weak, I took him to the nearest emergency room thinking he had the flu or a migraine. When we got to the hospital he passed out in the ER waiting room. Before I knew it he was being rushed back, and suddenly, my world turned upside down.

The doctor said, “He has meningitis, and being pregnant, you need to leave immediately.” I felt helpless as I left my husband there, dying of bacterial meningitis. I picked up my son from my babysitter’s house and took him home. It felt so good to hold him after 5 days of not being able to. He also was a source of comfort. However, I knew my husband had cared for him all week. I feared he too would get sick. I didn’t even consider myself in this.

Suddenly around 9 PM, I started to get a debilitating headache. It intensified over the night hours. I stood up and I fell to the ground. I crawled to the bathroom to get a thermometer. I had a fever. I knew immediately these were the exact same symptoms my husband had. I was holding my 2-year-old as he slept. I felt mental anguish. Do I leave my son, who I just got back, with a babysitter, not knowing what will happen to me or his father? What if HE is laying in a children’s ER next? But what about this baby in my womb? I felt like I had to choose between my kids, but ultimately, if I didn’t go, I could die. So a family member came and took me to the ER. My son cried as I told him I had to leave him again. I walked away feeling defeated as I entered back into what felt like a prison of a hospital room that I had just escaped from only 14 hours prior.

To make matters worse, I had to go to the hospital that I was delivering at since I was pregnant. My husband was at a different one. So here we laid in 2 separate hospitals both with the same deadly diagnosis, bacterial meningitis. They gave me so many doses of morphine that I became completely sedated, and since the medicine goes to the baby as well, he stopped moving. This once beautiful, reassuring feeling of my baby dancing in my womb was gone. I didn’t know at the time if it was the medicine or him dying. They couldn’t even check for a heartbeat until late in the evening (it was the middle of the night/early morning, so this was hours and hours later).

That day I remember feeling completely defeated. My husband didn’t tell me at the time because he didn’t want to stress me more, but they were preparing his living will. They brought my son to look at him through a window for “the last time.” They were preparing for his death. Meanwhile, I am laying in a bed missing my son who I am not sure of his medical condition, praying for God to spare the life of my husband, and not feeling any movement from my baby. I thought death may be in store for all of us. I felt so alone because none of my family could be with me.

Then something miraculous happened. My baby, who was completely still for almost a day, in an instant, started FERVENTLY kicking me. I burst into tears as I almost heard my unborn son say, “Mommy! Don’t stop fighting! I’m with you, and I’m fighting too!” I felt the Holy Spirit consume me with love. God knows us in our mother’s womb, and I believe Blake helped save my life that day.

My husband had our pastor come pray with him around the same exact time. He said he felt a physical hug from God in a way he had never had felt in his entire life. Suddenly all his tests started to come back negative. This man who laid at home for 30 hours with a death sentence was healed completely in an instant. They thought he may still lose his eye or hearing and be in the hospital for a month. He walked out 2 days later, eyes and ears in tact.

At the same time he was healed, my tests started coming back negative as well. We happened to have the same infectious disease doctor who was traveling back and forth between hospitals, so he could give us information on each other. That was a complete God-given coincidence. I ended up staying 2 days longer than my husband due to my pregnancy and heart palpitations, but I left the hospital with a healthy baby in my womb, a healed husband, and finally reunited with my 2-year-old son, who never got sick at all, despite being exposed to kisses from 2 infected parents. It was an absolute miracle.

Blake Joseph was born September 14, 2011. He was as healthy as can be. Not only did he survive, but he had not one complication from being in what was a death sentence for him at just 24 weeks prenatal. He still continues to be a leader and a fighter of sorts. I believe God gave him the exact drive and personality he needed to survive and fight in my womb. I believe God showed me through Blake that He is still the miracle-working God of the Bible times. I believe the Lord has an amazing plan for his life that even the devil was scared of in my womb. I also believe God used this experience to change all of us. When I find myself worrying about my health, I recall that miracle-working Savior of mine, and He’s still in business.

I hope this encourages the one out there that needs a miracle. It may not always come in the time frame or the way you want it, but God never fails us. He can still heal, still provide, and still work wonders that are utterly indescribable. Whether it’s your body, your finances, or your heart, He wants to comfort you and heal you. Blake is my walking, breathing example of that.

Happy early birthday, Little Buddy. This day will forever mean so much to me.

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